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World famous poker pro Vanessa Selbst tweeted about Color Up poker flash cards

"I came across these Color Up poker flash cards... they seem like a cool way to learn important info for beginning players."



Becky M., Gorham, ME

I play at a regular home game, and while I understand the basics of poker, I was never really confident on how to bet my hands. After reviewing the Color Up Pot Odds and Hand Odds flash cards, I now have a better understanding of how I should play each hand... And I'm winning more pots, too. Definitely check these out if you're looking to improve your game!


Zak H., Henderson, NVman playing poker

I've been playing poker for the last 10 years since I was 18 years old. I just recently got my hands on a Color Up Texas Hold 'em Pot Odds deck and it has completely changed the way I look at the game. I would definitely call myself an experienced player in both the tournament and Cash Games and the Pot Odds deck has really filled in the gaps with explaining the math behind whether or not to call or fold. Poker flash cards are a great way to learn holdem. Since reading through the Color Up Pots Odds deck, I have seen an improvement in my game and have taken several steps closer to playing poker at a much higher level. I would recommend these cards and the Color Up Hand Odds and Hold 'em 101 decks to any level of player, be it just starting out, or a veteran like me.


Jay H., Buffalo, IA  guy playing poker

The Color Up system is great! I’ve been playing hold'em poker for 10 years now, mainly home games, and a little online. After just 2-3 weeks of flipping through the flash cards 5 or so minutes a day, I found my self winning more pots, and actually winning more often at the table. It’s great to leave on the coffee table and pick up during commercials to really sharpen your skills! Thanks Color Up!


Nadia I., Los Angeles, CA

For years, I have played poker based on my own experiences and random tips I picked up along the way. I often wondered how I could improve as a poker player but never acted on bettering my game because I always thought it would be too much trouble to learn poker odds for all of the potential card combinations out there – especially considering that I am not math friendly person… Turns out, I was wrong! Color Up flash cards have made it so easy for me to understand and learn hand odds and pot odds. They are so fun to use and I love that they are so small. I can stick them in my purse and take them with me wherever I want! The other day, I even had them out on the bus during my commute – improving my poker game on the way to work, what can be better than that!? After testing out my new skills on some friends, I can’t wait to take on Vegas next month! WSOP here I come. Thanks Color Up!


Nicole R., New York City, NY female poker player winning

My friends would always get together and play poker and I would just have to watch because I didn't know how to play.   I wanted to learn how but I didn't have the patience or skill level to read the dense "teach yourself" books that are out there.  When I found Color Up's Texas Hold’em 101 deck, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy they were to understand!  They take the game of Texas hold'em and really break it down so that even a beginner like me can learn the ins and outs of the game.  Since I bought the deck, I've been joining my friends' games and as you can see from the photo, I'm doing pretty well!!!  I can't wait until I'm ready to take my game to the next level, and when I am, the first thing  I will do is buy Color-Up's Hand Odds and Pot Odds poker flash cards.   


Sarah E., Hagerstown, MD

I have been playing poker socially and as a hobby for about 5 years now. I have read a few poker books, but have trouble remembering all the lessons in the book while I am actually playing. The poker flash cards solve that problem. I review them while playing online games and they are great to quickly go over before heading off to my neighbor's home game. I have used the first three card sets. The first set, Hold'em 101 is great for anyone just learning poker. My girlfriend and I have a great time reviewing the cards together. She has learned all the terminology and basic set up of a Texas Holdem poker game without feeling confused or overloaded with wordy directions. I have also used the poker odds decks (hand odds and pot odds). They have helped me know where I stand in a hand more quickly and with more confidence. The next time I go to the casino, I will definitely pack these cards. They will help get my mind focused and ready for the hands to come.


David B., Cape Coral, FLconfident poker player

I have been playing holdem for about eight years so when I saw "poker flash cards" I thought it would be something that would be good for my kids, but nothing that I would need or use.  I started using them with my kids to teach them the game but quickly realized that I had no idea how hand odds and pot odds work.  The portability of these cards is great as well.  I have brought them to my kids’ doctor's office and used them while I waited.  Thanks to Color Up my game has improved so much that I am winning or at least placing in every tournament that I have entered.  The cards paid for themselves in the first month that I had them.  I play in a Tuesday night "hold'em game" and I now rarely walk away without taking some money home with me.  When I encounter a pot I am not sure about I am able to remember what I saw on the flashcards in regards to poker odds.  These things are great and I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys Texas Hold’em.


Carrie M., San Francisco CA

Color Up’s Texas Hold’em 101 deck is amazing.  To be totally honest, I never had any intention of becoming a poker player.  I was brought in as an editing and education research consultant to help Color Up’s creator perfect the product.  I read through the flash cards looking for typos, and ended up learning the basics of poker! The cards are incredibly straightforward and simple to use.  I also felt like I was making immediate progress – after my first review, I went to a poker game with some friends and walked away $12 richer.  I know it might seem small, but at my second game (after more study time with the cards) I more than doubled my $20 buy-in.  I look forward to working more with the Hands Odds deck as I get more practice and become a strategy-oriented poker player.  Thanks, Color Up, for introducing me to a game as fun as hold'em and helping me get a strong start!



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