Practice Poker Risk-free

Situational Practice cards are included within our poker flash card decks!

Practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, when it comes to poker, practice can also cost you money! Don’t risk a dime at the tables until you are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to win those all-important hands! Situational practice cards provide players a chance to practice poker by applying their skills to real hand scenarios. Using examples of real hands, players must make decisions and apply their newly acquired knowledge to their poker practice.

Learn Texas hold’em, practice poker risk-free with our Situational Practice cards, and when you get to the tables you’ll be playing (and winning) like a pro!

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How will situational practice cards help me learn and practice poker?

Learners generally do better when they take an active role in their own education. This is why Color Up uses applied poker practice and real-hand scenarios. We created a product with a balance of memorization and applied skill that helps you learn, retain, and continue practicing with your increasing poker skills.

Why do situational practice cards work?

Flash cards work in general because they present information in small steps, letting the learner take in one piece of information at a time. Flash cards also provide opportunities for repeated practice and correction after each question, which are all important to your poker skills.

While memorizing those small pieces of information – like hand rankings and pre-flop odds – is useful, it won’t take a learner the whole way. Learning has to progress in difficulty from basic to advanced, which is what educators refer to as “scaffolding.” This is exactly what our situational practice cards offer – an advanced way to practice decision-making and real-hand scenarios.
situational poker practice cards
Situational practice cards are also crucial when you practice poker because they provide feedback. First, the player reads the scenario and decides what action to take. Then, on the back, the player will be walked through the correct decision (call? fold? raise?) and the rationale behind it. Students learn best when they receive immediate corrective feedback – whether their answer is right or wrong, teaching students both what and why an answer is correct has showed significantly improved outcomes on future testing in educational studies.
Finally, our poker flash cards offer “opportunity to respond.” Again, educational research shows that learners have to not only memorize knowledge, but have a chance to apply it. On our situational practice scenarios, you are given all the information about a hand, and then you decide on what action to take. You’re drawing on your knowledge of mathematical tools and strategy that you have practiced with our flash cards. You are constantly engaging with the kinds of choices presented in live play, and making decisions to practice your skills.

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