About Color Up

I started Color Up in February of 2012 because I am passionate about poker and as an avid player I was always trying to find new ways of improving my game. I read a bunch of books, watched videos, listened to podcasts. But, even after taking in all of that information, I still felt as though my game playing skill had reached its plateau. My biggest problem was that I just couldn't retain the information and recall it when I needed it!

And that's when it hit me.

I was reading, watching, and listening about improving my game but the most valuable part of learning was doing. And to do poker, I was playing at the table – where I was often losing as I learned. Why couldn’t I learn by doing without the pain of losing my hard-earned money? After all, research shows us that after learning material, the learner must have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in an appropriate way in order for it to be fully realized. So, I called upon my experience in the fields of education and psychology and started looking for ways in which I could take a "kinesthetic," or hands-on, approach to my poker education.

Since studies have proven flash cards to be one of the most consistently effective teaching and learning techniques, I started looking for a flash card-type of poker learning system that could help me learn and retain the information I needed in order to become a better player. But, once again, I hit a dead-end because no such system existed.

So I decided to create one and thus Color Up was formed.

While I may not be a "professional" poker player, thanks to my profession in education I do know the techniques and practices that best teach the human brain, and I have used that experience to create a unique, fun, and proven-effective way to learn poker.

Color Up poker flash cards are not designed to help you memorize poker terms or odds. This incredible system helps you learn by teaching you in a comfortable and familiar way. Then, you apply what you have learned in dozens of complex real-hand scenarios. You're not trying to apply someone else's advice; you're putting your learning into action and this drastically improves your mental recall in real, in-game situations.

We're just a small San Francisco-based company, but we have a lot of passion when it comes to poker. We've already helped hundreds of players improve their gameplay by helping them be more prepared for making critical in-game decisions, and we can help you improve your odds of winning as well. If you want to improve your poker skills in a way that has been proven to work, then Color Up Poker Flash Cards are for you. Please visit our products page and place your order today. Are you in, or do you fold? 


Sandy Metivier

CEO of Color Up