3 Common Casino Poker Etiquette Mistakes

casino poker etiquetteIf you ever play live poker in an actual casino, you will notice there are many rules involved in the game. Some of these may be un-written rules, but carry the same weight the official ones do. The list of un-written rules can be quite long, and over-stepping your boundaries could lead to disastrous results on some cases.

If you’re looking for a head start on your next trip to the casino, follow these tips to help keep you in line and makes sure other players aren’t stepping over the line as well.


This mistake should be quite obvious, but it’s still one you see quite often. A player scoops up a big pot and goes on a rant about how much she or he just won. While the feeling of pulling in a big pot is exciting, think of how the losers of the pot must feel. They just lost out on a ton of money and are probably not enthused about it.

If you think for just a split second about how you would feel if you lost that pot, you will likely change your mind when thinking of gloating about how much you just won.

Listening to headphones

daniel_negreanu_2011_wsopI’m all for music and don’t mind people listening to their music players on occasion at the tables. But when it gets to the point that every time it’s their turn you hear a loud-”HUH?!...Is it my turn?” This is quite possibly the most annoying thing ever, not just in poker, but life in general.

If you must listen to music while playing, just put one of the headphones in. This will allow you to hear the action at the table and help move the game along. Not to mention it’ll keep you out of a few fistfights.


This should go without saying, but for some reason, people can be dirty and nasty. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve sat next to a player who smelled like they haven’t taken a shower in weeks. I immediately get out my chair and find another game when this happens.

Perhaps even more annoying and downright disgusting is what some players do with their hands. You’re not the only person touching those chips, buddy; please stop picking your nose. You will see players do some gross things with their hands and then touch the chips that may soon be in your stack. Unless you have Rainman abilities, you might want to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times.

I’ll leave you with one last tip: always make sure you understand the house rules where you’re playing. The rules at casinos vary from place to place and keeping up on these official rules is in your best interest. We are humans, after all, and we make mistakes. This goes for dealers and players alike. And if you spot someone breaching etiquette, don’t be afraid to speak up and point the situation out.

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