The State of Poker in the US and the NEW WSOP events!

In this edition we will look at the latest news regarding the state of poker in the USA and also look forward to this year’s WSOP. In the latest twist surrounding the legal aspect of poker in the USA, we see the Everleaf platform leaving the USA after being given a “cease and desist” order by the Department of Justice (DoJ). This basically means that if the network decided to leave the USA there would be no further action. It is rumored that the biggest network currently taking US players (Merge) is also on the verge of leaving the United States.  Some have questioned if this is a good move for poker, but it seems this could very well be a REALLY good move for the state of poker in the US of A. This latest “tactic” by the government seems to be aimed to get all the “bad apples” out of the market, which surely must mean that they are planning on letting companies on the market very soon.  If all US facing networks leave the States, it seems the way will be clean and paved for the “new” poker gaming platforms to come sweeping in and claiming their turf. It looks like companies such as Wynn and MGM will be positioned well with ALL of the US player pool up for grabs.

The doubters have stated already in their droves that this is the worst move possible for poker as it shows that the government will do anything to stop poker being played in the States. Fact is though that the DoJ declared in December that poker will no longer fall under the Wire Act of 1961 and that poker is NOT illegal to play in itself. Of course there are some exceptions to the rule (think of the State of Washington for example), but with the statement from the DoJ and with the latest “cease and desist” moves we at ON POKER can only think that the government wants to start online poker with a clean slate and completely new companies.
In other news, there are fewer then 110 days to go till the 2012 WSOP kicks off with the customary “dealers” tournament, and there are some drastic changes to the schedule of this years poker bonanza. The most spectacular move is hosting a $1 MILLION poker tournament. You think this is nothing special, right? After all, the main event has a first prize of nearly $10 Million. The fact is though that on July 1st the Rio Resort will play host to the BIG One for One Drop, which is a charitable tournament with a $1 Million BUY IN. That’s right, you need to come up with 1,000,000 in cash to play in it, but 11.11% of the prize pool will go to the One Drop Charity. Fun fact about this tournament is that the game restarts on day 2 and 3 at 1:11pm to keep in line with the name and the prize pool withheld. If you can pay the $1,000,000 entry fee we urge you to play in it and support the One Drop Charitable Organization.
If you can’t afford the above mentioned tournament then its time to WIN the WSOP 2012 Main Event, which kicks off in the first week of July, but will this year finish in OCTOBER. This is due to the presidential elections that are held in November, so this year the “November Nine” might become the “October Revolution” or something like that.
Also new for this year are a Doubles event in which two players will team up and play together from the same stack, and a Bracelet Bounty event which are both sure to attract eligible players for its “measly” $560 buy in. All in all it looks like we need to be in Vegas from the end of May till the latest days of July to catch the full action of the WSOP.
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