Latest Poker news, Negreanu's vlog and a discount on poker flash cards

The deal regarding FullTilt Poker and the Bernard Tapie Group was supposed to be finalized on the 16th of March, but as of yet there has been no news from either side in regards to the deal. This could mean that the deal is off, the deadline has been postponed, or the deal has gone through and no one has leaked any information to us. We sincerely hope its the second one, because it would be disappointing if no one told us and if the deal is off it might mean that no one will see a penny soon.

There have been more and more rumors that the deal could be bad for poker because of the reputation of Bernard Tapie.  Bernard Tapie, as you might know, used to be the owner of the Olympic Marseille football club. There were some problems in regards to the fixing of match results, and Mr. Tapie had to let go of his pride and joy. Luckily poker is very well regulated (better than soccer?) so there should not be any problems there.

Some of you that read this know that we have a very exciting partnership with where members can get a discount on our great poker flash cards. It appears that some members on that site do not need our help in becoming great players, because TWO!!! members of PartTimePoker (PTP) took down a major chunk of the $6 million PokerStars Sunday Million we told you about last week. Both Bluffinx and Tonzaa took down more than $500,000 EACH in this tournament which is a new record for members being staked at PTP.  Congratulations to them – and if you’re not quite at their level yet but you want to be able to take down a big prize in the poker world like they did, you might as well get our poker flash cards and get to know everything there is about the game. Whether it is pot odds or hand odds, you definitely will learn something in these exciting decks of cards.

Daniel Negreanu vlogOn to funny business now – it turns out Daniel Negreanu is quite the comedian. I have no idea if it is on purpose, but he is really throwing everything but the kitchen sink at his vlog (that’s not a typo – it’s his video blog on YouTube) and he is doing a good job of it. Normally we give you a short description of what is going on, but why not enjoy the full twenty minutes at and see for yourself.  Humor, more anger for Bitar, and people throwing drinks.  Funny stuff.

A bit of other news, still sideways connected to Daniel Negreanu, and that is the Epic poker League. Negreanu has been in full opposition to the league, saying he would not play and support it as there is no viable income base and therefore it would be bleeding money and die a costly death. Well, Negreanu might again be right as FG+S, the parent company of the Epic Poker League as well as the Heartland Poker Tour, have filled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company has said they are reorganizing stuff and that they are looking for further dates to plan the next stop of the league, but it seems likely that there will be no more Epic-ness coming our way. It is a shame, actually, that they couldn’t be more functional, as it was a pro league in which spectators could see all of the world’s famous pros in one room playing poker together.

It looks like the WSOP will be the best place this year to see them all, but I doubt they will all be squeezed into one room, so a bit of leg work might be required to see everyone on one day.

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