Is it possible for PokerStars to come back in to the American market in a different body?

online poker USThis week we will take a look at the broad poker spectrum through the eyes of a poker nut (yes... that’s me).

This blog came up because I was thinking about something that I have not seen in the (poker) media yet. According to some well-informed sources, there is a decent chance that FullTilt poker will be re-launching in the near future.  Fortunately for most of our readers, that means you might get your money back, but unfortunately you still can’t play online as there is NO chance FTP will be allowed back on the American market whatsoever. I know I laid it on a bit thick there, but yeah, there is NO chance of that ever happening. I was never a huge fan of the software at FullTilt Poker in the first place, so my mind wandered off to that other big player in the world of poker, yes, PokerStars.

Now, there is just as much chance for PokerStars to re-enter the American market as there is for FTP so on that count there is not much to debate, but I was thinking out loud and decided to change the nature of this blog (might just be a one time thing) to a “what if” or “is it possible” blog.

So, is it possible for PokerStars to come back in to the American market in a different body? Yes, a weird question, but could it be a valid one? Would it be possible for a company like Wynn or Caesars to rent/borrow/lease/buy the software from PokerStars (or FTP for that matter if you preferred their software) and launch it in the American market? We all know there is a very small chance as of now that Americans will be allowed to play against the huge worldwide player pools that the rest of us are accustomed too, but could they someday have Texans vs. Californians on PokerStars/FTP software?

I understand it is pretty easy for any programmer and whiz kid to come up with the coding to create a poker room where people can play online, but there are not many (if any) poker rooms out there where the software and the features are as excellent as they are, in my opinion, at PokerStars. Many Americans have played since April of last year on other sites, like Carbon Poker and RPM and even smallish sites like High Pulse Poker or True Poker, and a lot of these players want the software to be better/faster/easier.

It seems like a valuable asset to have smooth running software with enough gadgets to keep the masses interested and to make sure the newbies aren’t deterred from playing.  Of course, it’s dangerous to overdo it, and some sites have tried gimmicks like actually using live webcam views as your avatar, or making chicken sounds when someone does not call your bet, but it seems that the software at “the big two” was always a cut above the rest.

So is there any chance that we will see this software reappear in the near future in the USA? I believe, unfortunately, that there is not. Not only would the fee/price charged by a site like PokerStars to be “sublet” by another company be too high for people to pay (although PokerStars would essentially not lose business over it as Americans can’t play there anyway), but the modern mind trends toward being innovative and widget-filled. This leads me to believe that when online poker finally reappears in the USA it will be on a site where people can record their dance moves so when they win a hand they can victory dance for the whole table, or where players will have the chance to give an opponent a virtual punch in the face when they get bluffed off a pot.

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