Betting on live poker games with iSeriesLive!

This week we take a look at the first iSeriesLive event that took place last Thursday in Dublin, Ireland.

iSeriesLive is a completely new variation of the normal poker games you see on TV. Not because the game is different, but because there is live betting available on the event. This means that bettors and viewers need to see hole cards and that is exactly what is happening at iSeriesLive. During every iSeriesLive event, the players are completely isolated from electronic devices so that they cannot get any information about other players’ play, while viewers at home are able to see the entire event live on the internet. Unfortunately it is impossible for the people from the States to bet on the event, but they are still able to watch it.

The first ever iSeriesLive event was an amazing game of poker to watch.  There was immediate action on the first hand with Phil Hellmuth and Maria Ho both being dealt AK and Phil taking down a nice first pot and that was immediately followed by Carlos Mortensen losing 90% of his chips with QQ to Jack, who flopped a set on his 33.

Despite this early action it took four hours and just over 70 hands to lose the first player, and that happened to be Phil Hellmuth, who lost two big hands in a row against Devilfish and, of all people, Negreanu. This automatically meant that Daniel Negreanu won the last-longer bet that you could bet on against Hellmuth. Did you know that Phil was actually NOT expected to bust first at all?? There was almost 8/1 available on him busting FIRST.

Not too long after Hellmuth busted out, it was time to say goodbye to one of the Germans and in 8th place it was Daniel Negreanu who did not improve on his open-ended straight flush draw.

After this a few more players busted, and it was four-handed when things got more interesting. Maria Ho had basically folded her way to the final four and she was up against Carlos Mortensen, Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott, and James Dempsey.  Carlos said goodbye in 4th and Maria left in 3rd place, which meant that Devilfish and Dempsey went heads up. Normally when Dave Ulliott goes heads up you can be pretty sure he will give a good showing, and he made it a tough and long duel with James Dempsey with the chiplead swinging back and forth a couple of times.

When both players found an Ace in their hole cards the chips went flying in, but Dempsey’s AQ was superior to Devilfish’s A8 and without help it meant that James Dempsey won the $100,000 winner-takes-all tournament.

As you might know, we have been giving some attention to Daniel Negreanu and his video blog on our own blog, and Daniel PREDICTED that James Dempsey was an excellent price to take and he was right, so if you followed the smart guy his money and went with it, congratulations. If you did not bet on the event, you will get plenty more chances as the next event is already being planned.  It looks like in the future the format will change to a 36-person sit-n-go tournament of 6 tables and the winners from these 6 tables will take each other on in the final with, yet again, live betting available.

I must admit that I enjoyed watching 90% of the show together with a steady 2500 other people on the iSeriesLive website and despite some small glitches it seemed to be a great success. I personally will definitely be watching more of it and betting on it when the next game starts.

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