Poker Tools to Help You Win More Online

There are a variety of tools at an online poker player’s disposal that will help you improve as a poker player. You can be sure that your opponents are using these tools, so to level the playing field I recommend using these applications to your advantage.

1. Poker tracking software/Heads up display (HUD)

For multi-tabling low stakes no limit hold 'em games, having poker tracking software with a HUD is an invaluable key for keeping track of your opponent’s tendencies. I do not know a serious low-mid stakes player who does not use some kind of software of this kind on a regular basis.

Two popular tracking programs are PokerTracker and Hold 'em Manager. What these tracking programs will do for you is keep track of important information about your opponent’s tendencies, such as the percent of hands that they play, or how aggressively they bet their hands. The programs will then update this information every hand for you on screen on a HUD while you play, so you can check out your opponent’s stats, which will be displayed right next to his name, before you decide how you want to play your hand against him.

Poker Tools

Hold'em Manager report

Tracking software will also keep track of your own stats and display them for you so you can see how you are playing and adjust accordingly. After your session is over, you can review how you played your hands.  Both these programs allow you to replay your important pots and looking for mistakes in your game when you finish your session.

Obscure statistics, such as how often a player raises on the turn or folds to a reraise, are just a couple of examples of what information is noted, which can be used to exploit opponents you may encounter on a regular basis.

Tracking programs also keep track of your win rate and daily wins and losses. Knowing how much money you have won or lost in particular games is vital information to know how you are progressing as a poker player, or for deciding what limit is right for you at the moment.

2. Poker equity calculator/ICM calculator.


It is important to know the math behind many plays in poker. Simple pot odds calculations can often be done in your head, especially if you have practiced with our Hand Odds and Pot Odds poker flash cards, but as more complex variables enter the equation, an odds calculator is sometimes necessary. An odds calculator such as the one found at or Poker Stove can be used to give you the odds of common situations, but they are even more valuable because they can make equity calculations based on entire ranges of hands.

For example, if you hold A9 on the button and your opponent raises from the cutoff 30% of the time, these calculators can tell you if your hand stands to be a favorite against her possible holdings.

Poker Tools

Information like this can be used best to evaluate your play after a session. Determining whether a bluff you made had a positive expectation, or if a call you made with a marginal hand would be expected to win you money in the long run, are just two examples of problems that would be rather difficult to figure out on your own but are made simple by an equity calculator.

An ICM calculator is specifically for tournament play. This tool accounts for the payout structure of a tournament while analyzing if you can profitably play your hand. An ICM calculator can break tournament poker down to a science. This calculation must be considered when looking back to determine how you played in a tournament, or may even be used to make a tough decision while at the table.

3. Auto hot key (AHK) scripts.

AHK scripts make life a little easier for you by doing things such as allowing you to configure which keys may be used to fold, bet, or raise, or giving you a bet pot button which may not already be available on your poker site.

There are plenty of other AHK scripts made specifically for online poker that can be found quickly through a simple Google search. I recommend exploring these options to find what works best for you in order to play many hours of poker comfortably.

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