Didier Guerin – A Newcomer to the land of Texas Holdem Poker

If you watched the World Series of Poker events closely, you probably realized that newcomers like Didier Guerin don’t enjoy the same popularity when they enter this important tournament. However, some newcomer players surely enjoy popularity after the WSOP is finished, and  Didier Guerin is one of those players.  While the media usually focuses on what the professional players are doing in the tournament or whether Phil Ivey will win, newcomers like Didier Guerin sometimes appear from nowhere and handle themselves perfectly when battling with the pros.

Didier Guerin WSOP poker

David Guerin

Didier Guerin saw obstacles as opportunities, and being seated near a professional player such as Erick Lindgren was not an issue for him. Guerin, the young Australian, won $20,000 at a No Limit Texas Hold’em Event that took place some days before the main event (he finished on the 35th position). During the tournament he acted like a pro, he played very well, and most importantly, he did not seem to be intimidated by the importance of the competition. Even though he was debuting in a major poker tournament, his concentration was great and his hands were played boldly.

During the first day of the tournament, he was part of a big pot against professional poker player, Erick Lindgren. Even though blinds were small and Erick was playing conservative, Guerin played his hand aggressively, making the pot big. After the poker pro limped, Didier decided to raise from the bottom, to see Erick re-raising him. Flop came and A A 6 where shown on the board. Lindgren checked and then called the rookie’s raise. On the turn, a 4 was shown; the players repeated the same scenario as on the flop and only river was awaited. The river brought another ace; another check by Lindgren was made and after that, Didier’s decision surprised everyone: he made a huge bet and Erick, along with everyone at the table seemed shocked by the Australian’s move. As playing versus a rookie, Erick though that Didier made four of a kind and the best option for him is to fold; so he threw away his pocket Kings. Everyone at the table thought that Lindgren made a great decision, but Didier did not muck his hand and proudly showed an unassuming T 8.

Erick Lindgren WSOP poker

Erick Lindgren

In this scenario, Didier predicted perfectly that a player such as Erick Lindgren would not like to lose some of his stack at an early stage in the tournament. Didier was not reckless, and made Lindgren think that the remaining Ace was in his hands. The young Australian won a huge amount for that stage of the competition, but even more impressive is the fact that he created a good image for himself at the table.

Although the World Series of Poker did not last long for Didier Guerin, he accomplished some remarkable things for an “unknown” player during this year’s contest: he won a memorable hand against one of the best poker players in the world (Erick Lindgren) and he also eliminated one of the best poker players in history, Phil Hellmuth, during Event 41. Based on these facts, Didier Guerin has the potential to become a professional poker player. In my opinion, it is worth watching his development closely.

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