5 Excellent Cash Game Poker Players

Playing cash games is a major source of income for pro poker players. One can always find the real pros playing cash games because they know that's where the money is to be made.

These players are often overlooked due to the large number of poker tournaments and the publicity that huge tournaments like the World Series of Poker attract. Most professional poker players have stated that playing cash games taught them how to play “real” poker. The main reason for this is that cash game players don't always just fold until the blinds, or wait for monster hands. They can enter a hand with any two cards.

Here is a list of five of the best cash game poker players in the world. Combined, these five top players have earned over $15 million in cash game earnings.

1. Phil Ivey – Has played over 110,000 cash game hands and has profited over $7 million in cash winnings. Phil Ivey is one of the best-known poker players in the world and even the best poker players hate going heads up against him.

2.Tom Dwan – Better known in the online poker community as durrrr. Tom is one of the most aggressive cash game poker players to be seen. His opponents are often unsure if he is just bluffing or has the NUTS. Durrrr has played over 245,000 cash game hands and has amassed over $5 million in cash game winnings.

3. David Benyamine – He has been around the poker world for years and continues to shine in cash games with possibly the most poker hands played at over 285,000 hands. David's lifetime cash earnings are well over $3 million dollars. David is often seen on the TV hit show High Stakes Poker and often at the end of the night has added to his bankroll.

4. Patrik Antonius – Better known a few years ago when he was really on a cash game winning streak, but don't count him out yet. Patrik's total cash earnings stand over $1.5 million. When playing at a table, his opponents have trouble reading him due to his stone cold expression.

5. Erik Seidel – He has been playing tournaments and cash games since the 1980s, yet he still brings home the bacon with well over $1 million won in cash games. Erik is also often seen on High Stakes Poker playing high dollar cash games.

There they are – are few of the top cash game poker players around. If you ever find yourself siting at a table and one of these players is sitting on the other side, it would probably be best to go and find another table.

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