4 Tips Every Poker Player Should Know

Even seasoned players can use tips on their game.  There is always room for improvement unless a player wins every time.  Always making a conscious effort to figure out what your opponent is trying to accomplish or what their hand may be is a big part of Texas Hold’em.  I am going to share a few tips I have learned over the years.  First, never show your cards.  Second, always keep your co-players guessing.  Third, be careful when playing pairs.  Last, don’t keep feeding the pot for everyone else to see the last card only to match nothing up at the end.

Never show your cards unless you have to.  If you were bluffing and you show your cards this will only bite you in the end.  If you are bluffing you don’t want anyone to know; keep them guessing.  This is a form of control that players have in the game, and with Texas Hold’em any form of control is an advantage. Sometimes emotions take over.  When a player goes into tilt, they feel like they are going to lose anyway and get angry.  This is when I observe a lot of players showing their cards.  Do not do this.  Just because you are going into tilt doesn’t mean you will lose.  If at any time during the game you need to strategize, it’s when you’re on tilt!  Seasoned players know that anything can happen in Texas Hold’em.  Too many times players will only have a few chips left and then finish thunder-dome taking the whole pot.  Stay positive!

Next, be careful when playing a pair.  Playing a high pair such as jacks or higher may be ok to see the flop, but playing a pair of twos all the way through is going to bite you in the end.  Too many times players think this is a sign of luck for three of a kind or a boat, in the end they still just have that pair.  Now, if you have a pair of Ace’s, I would see the flop.  This can be a golden ticket for a player. Players will get stuck on a particular number and be superstitious and play that number every time.  This isn’t skill, it’s just playing against probability.

Lastly, don’t keep feeding the pot!   Some poker players will pay to see the last card and will keep feeding the pot in hopes to get the high pair.  This is crazy.  Most of the time what happens is the guy or gal with nothing keeps feeding the pot and then gets in the middle of two other players battling and raising.  Obviously one of them has something good.  It is time to fold and cut your losses.  There will be another flop to see and this round just isn’t your game.

Don’t feed the pot, don’t show your cards, stay emotionally sound and positive, and always keep them wondering what your next move is going to be.  Keep them guessing!

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