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poker tells to pay attention to
Tells are behaviors consistently displayed from players during routine plays of the game. People who are played with on a routine basis are very easy to analyze for tells.  Usually you already know some of their mannerisms from being friends; they will perform these mannerisms more often during specific times of the game.  Playing with people of whom you have never played with before is different.  You don’t know their mannerisms or, their personalities. This is a little more difficult of a task. Read More of This Blog Post
Playing cash games is a major source of income for pro poker players. One can always find the real pros playing cash games because they know that's where the money is to be made.

These players are often overlooked due to the large number of poker tournaments and the publicity that huge tournaments like the World Series of Poker attract. Most professional poker players have stated that playing cash games taught them how to play “real” poker. The main reason for this is that cash game players don't always just fold until the blinds, or wait for monster hands. They can enter a hand with any two cards.X Read More of This Blog Post

Donkeys in Poker

Feb 23 2014 |

donkey in poker
The modern day poker world has come up with an entirely new vocabulary for the game. One of the most colloquial and popularly used terms nowadays is “donkey.”  This is used to describe a player who makes consistently bad plays and gets rewarded for them. Read More of This Blog Post
poker Q-7

Most players have at least some idea how to play when they are dealt pocket Aces, Big Slick or one of the other more “interesting hands.” Those are often discussed at length because they are glamorous and always excite the players who receive them (a good poker face, of course, should always be there to hide the excitement). However, less than 1 in 200 hands you play would be pocket aces, and less than 1 in 300 would be Ace-King suited.

So what do you do when you dealt Q-7 off-suit? Well, the answer to that question is pretty straightforward – it depends. This answer of course applies to almost any poker question. However, there is something about a Q-7 in particular that makes it a special hand, just like pocket aces.

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Even seasoned players can use tips on their game.  There is always room for improvement unless a player wins every time.  Always making a conscious effort to figure out what your opponent is trying to accomplish or what their hand may be is a big part of Texas Hold’em.  I am going to share a few tips I have learned over the years. Read More of This Blog Post

The Beauty of Heads Up Poker

Dec 03 2013 |

heads up poker
As you certainly know if you’ve been playing poker for a while, there are three variants that you can choose to play: You have Full Ring, Six Max and Heads Up. This article’s aim is to talk about the last. I’m not looking to teach you an infallible strategy to beat HU. Instead, I’ll try to explain how you should approach the game in order to be successful. Read More of This Blog Post

Texas Hold'em rules The latest craze in the gambling world is Texas Hold’em. This game has become the most-played form of poker since the year a portly accountant from Tennessee won the WSOP and took the world by storm. You can’t turn on a sports channel without seeing an ad for one of the hundreds of online poker sites that offer up this game and try to attract your business with lucrative bonuses.

You want to join in on the excitement, but aren’t exactly sure how the game is played. It can be a bit confusing if you’ve only seen it on television. The action goes rather fast and they have commentators who use terms that are only applicable to those in the know. This guide will teach you Texas Hold’em rules and how to play poker, but if you are more of a hands-on learner you should pick up some Color Up poker flash cards.

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