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Texas Holdem with your new poker skills


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The best way to learn Texas hold'em is to practice. The best way to practice is with Color Up poker flash cards.

Our remarkable “cheat sheet” cards feature scenarios and sample hands specially designed to boost your decision-making and all-around poker play. Suitable for all skill levels, each of our decks shares invaluable knowledge and strategies that are guaranteed to give you an edge and rapidly boost your progression. From poker terms and ranked hands, through to simplified mathematical equations for calculating odds, Color Up poker flash cards are the ultimate Texas hold'em learning resource!

Why flash cards?

Portable, light, affordable, and easy to use, our poker flash cards are designed for maximum convenience and incredible knowledge. Wherever you are, whether it’s riding a bus or sitting at home, it’s easy to pull out our cards and absorb the skills needed to truly master the art of Texas hold'em poker. What’s more, research shows that you are more likely to learn and retain information when taught in flash card format. Forget boring books and poorly written online guides – Color Up poker flash cards are for people serious about progressing.

Situational Practice that will advance your game.

Practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, when it comes to poker, practice can also cost you money! Don’t risk a dime until you are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to win those all-important hands! Color Up poker flash cards are created in such a way that you can rehearse the scenario, learn the best way to play the hand, and stack the odds in your favor! Learn Texas hold'em, practice risk-free, and play like the pros.

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