Frequently Asked Questions

Why are poker flash cards the best way to learn and improve in poker?

Flash cards are concise, portable, fun, and research-proven. Our poker flash cards come in standard playing card size, a format that allows frequent practice. Color Up poker flash cards allow quicker access to information than a dense book or a DVD.

Flash cards aren’t a new concept – you probably remember using them for everything from your Spanish vocabulary test to your multiplication tables. Flash cards distill crucial information, improve recall, and pace your learning. Useful for memorization (for things like poker terms and odds), flash cards also help distill and implant more complex ideas into your memory.

We use the proven educational benefits of flash card usage to enhance your poker skills. You’re not simply memorizing poker odds or terms – you’re using them in context and applying your knowledge to complex real-hand scenarios. For more information read this article: learn poker.

Who can use these cards?

Who can't use these cards is a better question. You will be amazed at how your poker game improves and the amount of money you can win by just learning and practicing the skills taught with poker flash cards.

If you are NOT yet a professional poker player, then you can definitely benefit from these cards.

Buy Color Up poker flash cards if you want to stop losing money at the poker table and feel the confidence and excitement of winning. Become an advanced player – no matter what your current level is. Color Up poker flash cards also make a great gift for the poker players in your life.

How many cards are in each deck?

Each deck contains 52 poker flash cards. The deck of poker flash cards are the same size and structure as a deck of poker playing cards, 2.5" x 3.5".

Can you play poker with these cards?

Poker flash cards can not be used as a regular deck of playing cards. Poker flash cards teach poker, improve skills, and increase wins! You would use poker flash cards to prepare for game play.

I already know the basic, I just want to learn the odds, which deck should I get?

Color Up suggests you start learning your poker math and odds with the Hand Odds deck and then progress to the Pot Odds deck. Color Up designed the poker flash cards to work in a scaffolded manner (step-by-step), so what you learn in Hand Odds will also be put to work in the Pot Odds deck, but not the other way around. Color Up works by advancing up, while still using the information learned and practiced in preceding decks. Hold'em 101 > Hand Odds > Pot Odds.

What is your return policy?

Returns are processed through Amazon with Amazon policies.

What payment options do you accept?

Color Up proudly uses Amazon for all transactions. Amazon offers a wide variety of payment methods for you convenience.